That time of year is approaching (at least in Northern Europe), when it starts to get chillier, the nights get darker and the days shorter. And what better soundtrack than Dark Tranquility’s Atoma. Released last year in November 2016, I still crack this album on for some sweet, melancholic metal vibes.

Come to think of it, how the hell do you even describe Dark Tranquility musically? Of course they are one of the legendary bands of the Gothenburg metal scene, alongside At The Gates, Inflames and other melodic death metalbands. ‘Gothic metal’ seems to be how they’re most commonly labeled – however you interpret that. But overtime Dark Tranquility have progressed and matured their sound to the point where if someone were to ask me what my favorite style of metal, or any music for that matter is, I would say, THIS. This new Dark Tranquility shit. (I know, I put it so eloquently. But it is sound and art and I just can’t translate that okay).

Following on from Construct, this last studio album Atoma has a similar vibe, which is epitomized in the third track from the album, Forward Momentum. The video I love, partly because it features what is (apparently) the landscape of Swedish Lapland and also because of the oddly bleak story that’s open to interpretation. Oh and the song; It’s just a great example of Dark Tranquility’s sound and the whole tone of the album.

Basically if you like this, you will love the rest of the album.