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IMG_3888 (2)Since I started travelling I’ve had a special spot for Scandinavia and other Nordic countries. Not just because they’re nice places to visit, but because so many of my other interests (in music, art and language) are heavily connected to those places. It wasn’t until I started experimenting with blogging however that I realised just how much my interests are connected to this part of the world. So while trying to find a common theme and being a northerner (of both England and Germany), a ‘Nordic’ theme seemed to make sense.

That is basically how the idea for Nordic Knowledge came about – a travel and culture blog dedicated to everything and anything Nordic related. A place to share my travel experiences alongside other fun (and hopefully humorous) articles relating to Scandinavian and other Northern European cultures. Whether it be an artist I love, my journey learning Norwegian, or something interesting I read about and subsequently (nerd-ly) researched, I’ll post it here.

Besides using this as a writing outlet, Nordic Knowledge is also about sharing insights, travel tips and helping promote local cultures and artists to an international audience. So if you would like to contribute or collaborate, contact me!

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